TF2 Mobs Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.0.0

So far it’s just Mobs (liable to change), the mobs are Red Team (In the future it can be Red or Blu).

Here are the Mobs so far:

-Creepers are Demomen

-Endermen are Engies

-Skeletons are Snipers

-Spiders are Scouts

-Zombies are Heavies

Additional Details

I have based all of my choices of characters based off of the Mob’s behavior.
Creepers are Demo-Men because they explode stuff
Endermen are Engies because they can build stuff
Skeletons are Snipers because they shoot stuff
Spiders are Scouts because they are quick and jumpy
Zombies are Heavies because they are big (Sorry, not much in the line of Heavy similarities)

Ghasts will be Soldiers because Soldiers have rocketlaunchers, kind of like Ghast’s fireball
Fires will be Pyros because come on, fire
Zombie Pig Men will be Spies because they wield knives and don’t attack right away
Pigs will be your team’s Medics because they give you health

Credit UrLogicFails
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