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CraftMod is currently in VERY early development, currently you cannot save your modding progress, you can only create items (tools, swords, etc) however you can export your mod so in essence it does work perfectly fine. It will be very buggy, so don’t expect it to work perfectly.

CraftMod is a new mod making utility tool in develop by me, Tommo. It will be a simple program for end-users to create mods with little to no work at all. I will be working on this over quite a long period of time as this is a big project of mine. I aim to add very extensive modding capabilities to this tool, it will not be a simple tool where you select a name for your new sword and it will be done, however it will support method overriding components, custom item materials, custom block rendering components, and many more. I will most likely be releasing the code as open source once this project is finished.

- Main CraftMod gui framework is up and running – massive credits to http://www.miglayout.com/
- Mod overview and component editing gui framework finished.

Item Creation:
- Basic Item creation framework is finished.
- Supports and exports with custom materials.
- Sword creation.
- All tools creation (Pickaxe, axe, spade, hoe).

Block Creation:
- Not started.

Entity Creation:
- Not started.

Material Creation:
- Simple gui for creating custom materials.
- Material saving and exporting.

- Neat and tidy exporting system.
- Exports raw java source code.
- Supports creating new files or editing existing files.
- Supports overriding minecraft files such as EnumToolMaterial.java to use custom properties created with CraftMod.

How to use
Creating a new material:
- Name: The name of the material.
- Id: The ID of the material (use any number above 4).
- Harvest level: The harvesting level of the material (0 is wood, diamond is 3).
- Max uses: The maximum uses of the material (wood is 59, iron is 250, diamond is 1561).
- Efficiency: The effiency of the material (wood is 2, stone is 4, iron is 6, diamond is 8)
- Entity damage: The damage the material will do to mobs (stone is 1, diamond is 3)

Creating a new item:
- Name: The name of the item.
- Id: The id of the item, use any number bigger than the last item on this list: http://bit.ly/upDLJL
- Sprite path: The path to the sprite of the item. “/modname/texture.png” would mean the image “texture.png” in the subfolder “modname”.
- Material: The material properties the item will have.

Exporting your mod:
Once finished with your mod, clicking file > export will export your mod into the folder where you opened CraftMod.jar from.

Using your mod:

Once your mod is exported, be sure to have setup Minecraft coder pack and then put the exported mod files into: mcpfolder\src\minecraft\net\minecraft\src

Then go back into your mcp folder and then click build.bat, your mod will then compile, you can test your mod by opening startclient.bat (DON’T FORGET TO PUT YOUR TEXTURE FILES INTO “jars\bin\minecraft.jar”).

Once you have tested your mod and if it’s working alright, click reobf.bat and then your mod files will be in the reobf folder. These mod files are then ready to be uploaded or to be put into your minecraft.jar along wirh your textures.


Download: http://adf.ly/3tjss

- http://www.miglayout.com/ for their epic swing layout.
- Me, obviously.
- Chuckles and Berny, for being epic americans.
- Minecraft and Mojang.

Info: If you have any questions add me on skype: iyf-tommo
I will gladly show you code if you have a sufficient reason. I will also help with anything minecraft-mod or java related.

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