Minecraft Connection Refused: Connect?

Hi, I was trying to make a Minecraft Server today,
I’ve bought the game,
Port forwarded, Got a static Ip, Removed Firewall, And now I’ve ran into this error:
Failed to connect to server: Connection refused: connect
Localhost works perfectly.
I’ve left the Ip in the server.properties blank, And the port to 25565.
In the port forwarding i’ve done I’ve added the DCHP client, Set the protocol to TCP, And the port to 25565.
Yet, I’ve noticed that the port is still closed
and trying to connect to the server ip (my ip) outside the network does not work nor does it inside the network.
Inside the network it says “Connection refused: connect”. Outside it just times out.
My Port seems to be changing constantly, And I have no idea if that‘s the problem or even how to fix it.

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