INVedit – Inventory Editor for Singleplayer and Multiplayer

Welll, as its name and title. INVedit is the successor of NBTedit. INVedit will allows to edit your inventory in game both in Singleplayer and Multiplayer, but you have to be a host. I didn’t have much information right now, because I didn’t try it out yet. The list below are some features told by the developer, if you guys know more please leave some comments below.


INVedit (Minecraft Inventory Editor) Features

  • Load blocks fron files (ex. items.txt and file.png)

  • Categorize blocks in to group for faster access

  • Filter option for search box

  • Display item damage status as bar

  • Stacks item like in game

  • Tabs for editing multiple inventories in the sometime

  • Transfer item from inventory to another inventory by tab

  • Easy to save and load

  • Automatic update

Download INVedit – Inventory Editor for Singleplayer and Multiplayer

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